Obvious Mistake Negotiating With Washington, Khamenei

Obvious Mistake Negotiating

‘Obvious Mistake’ negotiating with Washington, this is what Ali Khamenei published today. The comment was put on his website.

The supreme leader sounds very worried but cheered the previous remark by Rouhani to close down the Strait of Hormuz. This is a warning to America though Iran News Wire has spoken to many Iranians in support of a free Iran. They believe this is just an aggressive outside layer of the regime. They don’t have the energy or power to carry out such a threat. On the long run, it will cost them lots more than the situation already is.

Khamenei continued to say that the United States is unreliable. This took place during his meeting with officials since early hours.

The word and even the signature of the Americans cannot be relied upon, so negotiations with America are of no avail.

Iran leader announced his support for Hassan Rouhani for his suggestion to block Gulf oil exports if Iran’s sales are to stop. President Rouhani doesn’t want any regional country to receive oil exports. He had made the comment while on a trip to Europe in hope to save Iran’s deal. These words indicate the pressure coming down on Tehran as US forces the economic sanctions. Iran is putting its policy and the systematic approach to show.

Washington is aiming for zero oil shipments from Iran, Japan and India have decided to stop buying Iranian oil. The Strait of Hormuz acts as a major oil shipping route for surrounding countries.

Rouhani Changing Cabinet Faces

Further economic troubles have brought Rouhani to think about changes to his cabinet. It may mostly be around his economic team. As realities in Iran’s market are much tougher than he expected.

His right arm and chief of staff, Mahmoud Vaezi made the comment on state TV. He suggested that several officials will be asked to leave the administration. Instead, new faces will be assembling the economy arrange.

Many in the administration will watch to see how the new team can put the Rial back together. After the year started with the national currency crash landing. Majlis is blaming the damage on Rouhani’s financial players. They think the new guys could build a barrier in front of the reimposed sanctions.


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