North Korea solution cannot be dressed on Iran

North Korea solution cannot be dressed the same way on Iran

sinking_ship.pngNorth Korea solution cannot be dressed on Iran as it won’t fit. The Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un meeting were described as historical. It could be an introduction to the resolution of one international crisis. This event will naturally bring effects to another looming disaster, which is the ruling clerics in Iran.

Iran loses mostly for not having one favorable vote amongst its different state gangs and no homogeneous position, take for instance their different reactions towards the latest US – N Korea deal.

Iran’s first gesture was positive about the solution and its Foreign Ministry spokesman said we welcome any peaceful action but once the agreement did get signed Iran suddenly switched frequency by expressing deep concerns. Next phase the spokesman for the government began slandering at the North Korean leader with a bitter and poisonous tone.
To Iran, the North Korean leader’s untimely arrival to the global equivalent has triumphed Trump to think stronger of his words and actions. Now US President will begin to act tough wanting others to kneel before him.

No doubt such a transform increases pressure on Tehran both from the inside and out more than ever. Supreme leader Ali Khamenei cannot afford such a rotation and there is no tolerance for it in Iran’s policy or strategy and this has been shown in its history for the past four decades. Another difference between North Korea and the ruling regime in Iran is that North Korea does not face any kind of resistance or opposing organization formed by the people, whereas Iran definitely does and has so stated clearly thru its media.


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