More Tehran Power Outages With Hotter Days

More Tehran Power Outages

More Tehran power outages are being reported by citizens on social media. Tehran’s power distributing company tells people to prepare for power limits according to a time table.

The troubling condition of water and electricity in Iran are steaming up. Today the Tehran Power Distribution Networks announced a daily power outage table. It was wired by the state-run Tasnim News Agency that the power company in Greater Tehran can no longer provide the amount of electricity required. They are predicting tighter power loads and ask citizens to cut down on electricity consumption.

It’s not only Tehran with power outages, it’s the bakers in Iranshahr, Sistan and Baluchestan Province too. It’s becoming common for bakers to leave their dough behind doors of local powerhouses in protest.

Locals in Gonbad-e Kavus have sent a video of people stuck in elevators at midnight as the town electricity went out. They said other countries have the ability to export energy but we don’t even have enough.

At 10 in the morning in Kermanshah power was out and people showed a clinic in complete darkness.

The power outages are even causing traffic jams at cross sections during the day.

Now Iraq is seeking power supplies from Saudi Arabia and not Iran. The Electricity Minister Qasim al-Fahadawi will visit Riyadh this week to sign cooperation deal. This has been reported by Al Arabiya mentioning also the public unrest in southern cities of Iraq.


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