Moezi kept in prison as hostage

moezi_tehran_prison.jpgDetails explaining the shocking fact of Ali Moezi, a political prisoner, being kept in prison overdue time has been revealed.
Authorities have come up with fraud files for Moezi, such as creating propaganda, three times since he has been behind bars from the spring of 2015.
His first arrest goes back to 2011 for simply attending the funeral of another political prisoner. While he was to be released in 2015 he is has been systematically kept in prison and given a new sentence each year.
Yet most devastating is the fact that Moezi, father of two, finished his time in prison and was to be released on 26 May, when he found that the court has refused to let him go. No further explanation has been given to his attorney, by the government, as to why he is still being kept in prison.
Earlier in 2015 one of his daughters, Hejrat, shared these comments with the Huffington Post


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