Medical urgency kept up for Kurdish female prisoner in Iran almost 10 yrs

zeynep-jalaliyan_letter_from_prison.jpgZaynab Jalalian a political prisoner writes a letter from inside Khoi Prison to draw international attention to her physical condition.
This system [Iran] is a hypocrite and a liar. They have not taken me to see a doctor but opened a medical case for me and published some fake medical documents in media assuming I’ve been seen by a doctor.
This is just a mere lie and this system knows nothing of humanity, they’ve used a couple of scenes from 2008 to intentionally mislead Human Right’s organizations and discredit public opinion.
I’ve been in the Islamic Republic’s prison for eleven years and despite it all the pain I suffer, I refuse to request them of my medical treatment as it will cost me my whole dignity. First, it was my vision that turned impaired and needs an operation, then my kidneys and lungs were not working well and my blood pressure is not right as well as my teeth that seek repair.

This government want’s me to rot and die in prison only because I think different to them. One simple conclusion is, whoever is against spilling blood like them has to be put away in prison.

What they least consider is that a freedom loving person gains strength within the mind and not the flesh. For me, the pains I suffer or even death is a path to freedom that can be guaranteed. No one and nothing is so strong that it can prevent me from achieving my goals. On my own, I will continue to be stronger than ever
Zeinab is 35 and had been arrested in 2007 then taken to a prison in West Azerbaijan Province. She is serving a life sentence for her alleged membership in the Party of Free Life of Kurdistan also known as PJAK.


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