Mashhad Shoemakers Protest

Mashhad Shoemakers Protest

Mashhad shoemakers protest today as a joint sign with Tehran’s Bazaar. The Mashhad shoemakers held their protest on Amel Street. Protesters called out for everybody to come on strike. Groups of merchants have declared protest on social media. They want store owners in different cities to participate in the nationwide rally.


Mashhad shoemakers protest follows on a two-day strike in Tehran. Shoemakers in the capital poured out in the streets furious of prices. A picture showed security forces convincing a man not to shut down. The aim of closing down the stores at Bazaar is to strike. This way it is clear who is participating in anti-government demonstrations. In reply, shopkeepers would tell security agents this is my shop!

Other protests consist of spinning factory workers in Qazvin. The Naznakh & Farnakh spinning factory is run by the government. 500 retired workers have not yet received pensions after a year of retirement.

Many Iranians fear to lose their jobs and wealth due to US economic sanctions. This is exactly the problem in Naghadeh. Authorities can no longer pay the sugar beet farmers and threw them out. The Azarqand Factory workers put a stop to chores on August 8. They forced the employer to leave and have taken over since.

Iranian regime Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei had a meeting with cultural activists. He told this group of Iranians living abroad to not worry.

Don’t be concerned at all about the future. No one can do a damn thing. Rest assured. There’s no doubt in this regard. Tell this to everyone.

Khamenei’s comments were posted on Fars news agency towards the guests’ expressed concern. The Fars news agency is state-run and associated with Iran’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC).



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