Man Sets Himself Ablaze, Rial Keeps Dropping

Man Sets Himself Ablaze

Man sets himself ablaze this morning in Tehran outside the Town Hall. It is possible the mid-aged man set himself ablaze due to the US dollar selling at 130,800 Rial. The economic crisis is out of hand by President Rouhani’s Cabinet. He has received top official’s blows since last week and was pressured in Majlis. The Iranian rial is scraping off its ever lowest to the dollar leaving two-thirds of the population under poverty margin. The self-immolation of this man, who is now close to death, is a result of a 40 year long corrupt regime. A short video and picture were wired on Iranian social media an hour ago. Iran’s state-run media have also reported the incident.

Other unrest in society since May has been the nationwide truck drivers’ strike. The Iranians are unhappy about daily high prices and unstable markets. Most of the people are now either out of jobs or will soon have to think about other ways to overcome the present situation. They say US sanctions haven’t even taken full effect yet and the true amount of damage will appear in October.

Tuesday Sep. 4 outside the Municipality Office in Tehran, after people help a man who set himself ablaze

Other forms of protest including the truck drivers strike in Shapour near Isfahan is taking a new peak. They reformed their union once again on Sunday and held a rally at the city terminal. These drivers do not receive enough wages to even support the distances they must travel daily or cover their expenses for spare parts.


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