Majlis says people are eating cats in Baluchistan

baluchistan_iran_poverty.jpgThe water crisis in Baluchistan has left many without any drinking water. This province once used to have flowing streams and water could be found by digging 25 feet into the ground.
Experts are now warning that if dams are not built this province will turn into a desert. A young posted a tweet that stated people from his village traveling 90 Kilometers to reach bathing water. He also said it embarrasses me to tell you but sometimes I have to ask for a few water bottles from my neighbor.
The representative of Baluchistan in Majlis or the Iranian Parliament said it is not far from the truth to hear that people in Baluchistan are eating cats and crows for meat.
Drought and a sharp drop in sea level in this province, bordering with Pakistan and Afghanistan, are posing a serious threat to the people.


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