Kurdistan General Strike

Kurdistan General Strike

Kurdistan general strike has taken action today. The people in Baneh, Marivan, Bukan, Sanandaj, Oshnavieh, and Mahabad have set up a general strike. They have closed down all the shops, turning the city into silence. Their strike is to publicly condemn the three executions carried out on Saturday. This strike had been announced on Sunday, which also holds a message against a terrorist attack on Kurdistan political parties.

This video has been taken in Marivan today

On Saturday three young Kurdish political activists were executed. Ramin Hossein Panahi, Zaniar and Loghman Moradi were all brutally hanged by Iran. They had long been kept in jail without a fair trial or access to the judiciary process. International Human Rights’ experts had warned Iran of its obligation towards protecting human laws. Still, Iran resorted to hanging and carried out an attack on a Kurdish base at the time.

Inmates send encouraging messages

Up to eleven members of the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan were killed including women. Iran’s semi-official news agency (Fars) claimed it shot the seven short-range surface-to-surface missiles. This Iranian Kurdish dissident group is based in Iraq.  

These cities striking today are all within the Kurdistan Province in Iran’s western border. The Kurdish counties rear West Azerbaijan Province and lay close to the Iraqi Kurdistan. Videos and pictures of the general strike are being widely shared on social media. One shopkeeper described that his store had been forced open by security agents but he remained at home. He was not willing to break the strike.

After the execution of the three political Kurds, inmates such as Atena Daemi and Soheil Arabi sent out a message. They are too kept behind bars for speaking out against the current regime. Soheil writes from the Great Tehran Detention Center, where he has been beaten and threatened. ‘The black daemon finally took Ramin, Zaniar, and Loghman from their families. It has brought nothing but endless shame upon itself. My heart goes out to their mothers and fathers. I swear to all the days you spent in jail that I will fight for your rights.’


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