Khorramshahr Water Protest Turns Bloody


Khorramshahr water protest has turned bloody since yesterday and people have been shot. Locals say three are dead and anti-riot police have covered the city.

Many social media activist are condemning Iran for opening fire on defenseless residents while they only want drinking water. They are calling on the international community, particularly the UN and the Security Council to step in and take urgent action to stop any further killing.

The protest that began in smaller numbers from a week ago kept growing as local discovered their drinking water is formally transferred to Iraq and Kuwait by officials.

Saturday evening protest in Allah Square on Naghdi Street turned into clashes, where youth mostly held up against the police. Iran’s state-run News Agency (IRNA) reported at least one death but locals say there are others.

Tear gas was used by police to contain the crowd while protesters responded by throwing stones. It’s unlikely for the unrest to ease soon as water shortages remain the core problem in these hot southern cities, including Abadan as temperatures in the region reach up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit.
Security conditions are also tight in Tehran after days of protest in the markets and it is unclear how many have been arrested but officials have given a word that they’ve identified those who caused trouble.


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