Kazerun Joins Iran Scattered Protests

Kazerun Joins Iran Scattered Protests

Kazerun joins Iran scattered protests on the sixth night. The people gathered at the main square on motorbikes. Many chanted death to expenses. They had declared their protest on social media and the security forces arrived too.

The protest in Kazerun started at the Shohada (martyrs) street. The videos on the internet show fiery and rocking scenes in Kazerun. Khuzestan province has been at unease for months and four protesters killed.

Reza Otadi, another protester killed in Karaj on Friday. Today locals have put up street posters in condolence to his family. One eyewitness in Gohardasht, Karaj claims gunshots were heard from the Qods headquarters.

Kazerun Joins Iran Scattered Protests

Lots of messages are put on Telegram and other social media platforms. One of them read, let’s protest we are a nation starving. 50 million Iranians are under the poverty line, we should protest.

Other cities involved in protests are Shahr Ray, Saghez and Kermanshah province. Fatigue of repressive agents cover these areas. Zand Street in Shiraz has the same situation as well as Tohid Street in Qom. In places like Zanjan the internet is out with high-security control.

You can read about deserting army personnel here

Wholesalers in Aladdin Passage in Tehran have also closed down. They join the scattered protests while special forces dispatch to Jomhouri Street. There have been recent remarks by Iranian officials that Mojahedin-MEK is in the protests. The officials propose that Tolab (students clerics) join the protests so conditions don’t fall out of hand.


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