Karaj Outdoor Market Put to Blaze by Municipal Officers


Karaj outdoor market was put to blaze by municipal officers today in the Alborz Province. The Golshahr Bazaar was for years the center for buying fresh supplies in the suburb of Tehran.

The exact reason for this act by government agents is unclear but suppressive forces have shown violence towards most local street markets lately in various cities, which are all shared on social media.

One view is that authorities had ordered for the market to be cleared out as certain plans for the Bazaar area were claimed by officials but no support was offered to the locals in its place. Stores were set to fire early in the morning before the owners had arrived and there is nothing left of their stores now.

Karaj’s marketers have become uncontrollable and refuse to remain calm as all their life worths have been set to ashes in short hours. Instead of settling a decent agreement with the store owners, municipal agents are taking scenes of firemen coming to the rescue as if unknown individuals have carried out the tragedy.

One thing is clear, the people will no longer tolerate social restrain by officials and will keep protesting for their full rights. At Golshahr Bazaar some protesters resisted and as clashes began the police ran off in fear of people’s anger. Women are on front lines of protests, which took place a while ago and footages of Karaj Bazaar are widely up on the internet.

Scenes of unrest in Ahwaz carried on till late yesterday, which was aimed to support the protests formed by thirsty people of Khorramshahr.


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