Japan’s Mitsubishi Financial Bank to Exit Iran

Japan's Mitsubishi Financial Bank

Japan’s Mitsubishi Financial Bank is to exits Iran prior to US full effective sanctions. Japan’s largest bank is called the Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Inc or termed as MUFG.

Japan will soon stop financial deals with Iran. The US sanctions against Tehran are looking to be tough towards economic fields. It’s expected MUFG will halt all its transactions related to Iran.

This is coming rather fast from the mega dealers inline with energy giant Total. The US seeks to unite its allies for more economic pressure on Iran. Secretary Pompeo, tweeted two days ago about the regime’s misbehavior and terrorism abroad that are funded.

It’s time to face the facts about #Iran’s malevolent regime.

Japan’s Mitsubishi Financial Bank is a form of the United Financial of Japan, UFJ and the late merge of Tokyo-Mitsubishi in 2005.

This can, of course, bring misery to important clients and brokers dealing with Iran. Though it sounds somehow pleasing to Iranians looking for more economic and public freedoms. The decision appears to have been made by Japan. This will perhaps act as a traffic stop for other international traders. They will need to be crystal clear through financial institutions.

A document revealed to Reuters on Thursday approved the transaction halt. Japan is also among the main buyers of Iranian crude that were largely handled by MUFG Bank Ltd.


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