Jailed Iranian blogger given additional 3 years of prison

Jailed Iranian blogger

Jailed Iranian blogger, Soheil Arabi, has been sentenced to three more years in jail and forced transfer to Iran’s Borazjan Prison. Soheil has been in prison since 2013 and is currently serving a seven and a half year sentence. His mother, who has been an outspoken human rights activists after her son’s detention, said that she was unaware of his condition in prison.  Human Rights activists held a Twitter campaign yesterday to draw attention to his case.

In an audio file published on the internet, Soheil’s mother Farangis Mazlum, said that it had been about three weeks since she was last allowed to visit her son. She normally visits her son every week in prison.

“I don’t know of his condition but one inmate told me that he has been taken to solitary confinement,” she said.

The political prisoner’s mother, who is not afraid to talk to the media about her son’s plight said that she has gained experience throughout these years and knows that whenever they do something to her son, they try to hide it from her by depriving her of family visits.

“They’re afraid that I’ll talk to the media”, she said.

Iran continues to violate ‘freedom of speech’

Soheil Arabi is a photographer, blogger, and civil rights activist who was arrested by the Revolutionary Guards Corps in November 2013. He was initially sentenced to death for “blasphemy”. The death penalty was later dropped due to an international outcry.

In November 2017, Reporters Without Borders gave its RSF-TV5MONDE Prize to Soheil Arabi. He was awarded for being an Iranian Citizen Journalist.

Edward Randall Royce, a member of the United States House of Representatives from California also wrote an article in 2015 describing his ordeal.

“Soheil Arabi will soon have a rope around his neck. The 30-year-old father is languishing on Iran’s death row. Yet Mr. Arabi did not kill anyone. He did not rape or steal. The “crime” Mr. Arabi committed was writing several Facebook posts that were deemed religiously offensive,” he wrote.

“Mr. Arabi’s abhorrent treatment throws light upon one of the defining struggles of his generation. The Internet is the newest arena for one of our oldest fights – the right to free speech. The world’s freedoms are increasingly being given – and denied – online,” Ed Royce added.


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