Truckers Get ITF Solidarity Statement In Iran

Truckers Get ITF Solidarity

Truckers get ITF solidarity statement on behalf of 20 million transport workers worldwide. It was released on the tenth day of strikes.

Getting ITF solidarity statement means Iran’s truckers on strike have been heard internationally. This is what the protests from December 2017 have been about. Iranians are proving they will not back down on their civil rights.

Truckers in Iran are told by the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF)

Workers’ rights, including the right of independent trade unions to represent their members, are key to resolving these issues.

Stephen Cotton, ITF General Secretary tells President of the Islamic Republic of Iran that his organization backs fair wages of truckers. He also reiterated for a free trade union that can pursue transport safety for drivers.

Noel Coard made a statement “Truckers’ wages are not enough to cover their expenses. Together with the vast majority of ordinary Iranians, they have been suffering the impact of ongoing inflation and price hikes. They can’t make a decent living.”

The ITF head of inland transport added, “At the same time, many trucks are in poor condition, needing spare parts and repairs. Alongside poor weather conditions, border area security problems and a general lack of road safety, Iranian truckers endure unacceptable working conditions.”

The strike first affected the Qazvin, Lorestan, East Azerbaijan and Mazandaran areas and has now been reported to have spread to all provinces and more than 250 cities.
Road transport is vital to Iran’s supply chains, so the action is having a significant impact. At the same time, there are reports that the truckers have received wide public support.


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