Isfahan massive demonstration against state forces

Isfahan massive demonstration against the Iranian regime corruption went in its second day on Wednesday.

The people rallied against poverty and unemployment which is the result of the Iranian regime’s corruption and declining economic situation.

Hundreds of people demonstrate in the Amir-Kabir industrial complex (Shapour) in Isfahan, and chant “Khamenei, shame on you, let go of the country.”

“Proud bazaar merchants, support, support”

“No to Gaza, no to Lebanon, I’m dedicated to Iran”

Youths show no fear in the face of harsh security forces. A voice says, skirmishes are far more intense than yesterday and more security units have been dispatched.

Lots of footages show protesters setting car tires on fire to blocking the road during their anti-regime rally.

The protesters are chanting “Iranian who remains silent commit treason” and call on their compatriots to support them in their cause.

Security forces attacked the mass demonstration but protesters confronted them. They managed to resist part of the crackdown and keep the uprise alive.


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