Isfahan Farmers Without Water Rights In Years

Isfahan Farmers Without Water

Isfahan farmers without water rights are causing serious environmental damages. Reports from Isfahan’s farmer after a drought in this city, provide facts of endless damages to farmers in Isfahan. Much of the social and economic life has been affected apart from farms.
Farmers and gardeners’ years of work has been lost and they have no support to rebuild it. The habitat in the counties of Najafabad, Mobarakeh, and Varzaneh that lie within the water basin of Zayandeh River has been ruined.

The representative of Najafabad’s water-owners (holders) says one-third of the trees of the Najafabad gardens have dried up. Many trees aged 60-70 have been demolished. This has resulted in nothing but poverty, deprivation, and uncertainty for Najafabad’s gardeners.

Regarding the damage to Isfahan farmers in the aftermath drought, Mehran Sadeghi – board member of the Isfahan Provincial Council said “The drought caused fruit gardens on the west banks of Zayandeh to go in ruins. These gardens are results of 30-40 years labor by each generation. These farmers are rightful owners of the watersheds.”

I personally believe that the water crisis has been around for years. In fact, we are stuck in a water disaster.

A Member of the Islamic Council of Alaviyeh explains these farmers used to deliver Zakat (religious charity) but now they need to receive it. He says all the vegetable and cereals in surrounding fields have been washed away.

Sadeghi also claimed “Supply of water has reached its lowest level in recent decades. If the current water disaster is not managed, we will face conflict next year. For such a thing, you have to think at a macro level.”

Government can start by giving Najafabad its true earning

“Najafabad is the third largest city in the province in terms of size. This significance in population and location causes the most harm. The farmers and people in Najafabad do not get proper water credits. They are not even counted as the eighth draughted city.”

Morteza Haydari, who represents the city’s water owners stated: “The damaged gardens and one-third of land that is completely dry cannot be restored again.” He also commented that the farmers are destroyed! The tree is like a human child, he said. The Agricultural Bank ignores the plight of gardeners and takes away the loan completely with the farmers’ interest. We have no profit or job and our families are mixed in dispute. 
Haydari also phrases that the Bank takes the dignity of the farmers and lies about loans being interest-free.


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