Isfahan Bazaar Protests Spread To Shiraz

Isfahan Bazaar Protests

Isfahan bazaar protests spread to Shiraz since morning’s unrest. More cities are drawing attention to people’s fury about Iran’s economic crash.

Today’s market traffic wasn’t showing prospect but rather flows of protest at the bazaar. People are not at all happy about the Rial plunging. They just don’t know how much and when to buy. Prices are up and down all the time. This situation brought a wide crowd of people to the streets.

The unrest in Isfahan bazaar this morning continues and protests have spread to Shiraz. People are chanting:

  • Clerics must go!
  • People are begging, [Khamenei] claims to be God
  • Our enemy is here, it’s not the United States
  • Unemployment, inflation strikes the people
  •  Reformists, Conservatives; the game is over


Isfahan Bazaar Protest

A lot of women could be seen protesting in Karaj and telling security forces to get lost. The unrest still continues in Shiraz and Tehran. Tight security arranges in the cities as night draws closer.



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