Is Iran getting toppled?

Is Iran getting toppled

Is Iran getting toppled and the regime about to change? A question popping in minds of free-loving Iranians.

The Iranian currency continues its plunge and Iran gets ready for the sanctions instituted by the Trump Administration. It is going to be implemented on Monday 6th August. The protests against the despotic, theocratic government in Iran are reaching a new level. The protesters reportedly chanted death to the Supreme Leader who is in power since 1989.

The US president wants a transformation of the Iranian government’s behavior, from its meddling in the middle east to the way it treats its own people. Mike Pompeo warned that a failure to do so would result in the “strongest sanctions in history.”

Iran’s economy and global business are bracing for a hit when American sanctions are re-imposed on Iran from this coming weekend.

The people of Iran suffer economic deprivation, unemployment, and high prices. Though Iranian officials live off millions taken from the nation. This was loudly messaged across by protesters.


“The nation is forced to beg while the leader lives like God”


Numerous footages shared on social media shows the people chanting off in Tehran. “Get lost you Mullahs; Iranians will die but won’t pull back; what happened to our money?”

They also point at the corruption makers and the final option. “It is spent on Bassijis (IRGC militias); We will fight, We will die, We will take Iran back!

It is worthwhile to note that the most favorable slogan used by protesters during this round of uprising was “Death to Khamenei”.

The demonstrations of the people in many cities led to a conflict with the pressure forces, and anti-riot guards.

Why Iran’s malign behavior must be confronted — not appeased?

There is a big difference between appeasing the Iranian regime and confronting it. Their massive protests nowadays is a necessity to confront the Iranian regime as there is no real solution without it.

Those who have suffered most from the ‘Vilayat al-Faqih’ ideology in Iran are the Iranian people. That’s why the uprisings have been more frequent and intense over time. With the challenges facing the Iranian regime, these nationwide and massive protests are to increase into all of Iran’s provinces, especially once US sanctions are imposed and when the regime feels isolated and suffocated.

The Iranian people expect of the international community, and specifically of Europe to stop the failed policy of appeasement and listen to the voices of the people of Iran.





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