Iran’s wobbly condition to move forward after nuclear hopes completely die out

Iran's wobbly condition to move forward after nuclear hopes completely die out
Photo by Reuters

No negotiations will be held on the side of Iran with the United States over Tehran’s military capabilities and regional influence. Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari made sure of this thru his statement on Tasnim news agency.
“We have the scientific ability to increase our missile range but it is not our current policy since most of the enemies’ strategic targets are already within this 2,000-km range, this range is enough to protect the Islamic Republic.”
Jafari said on Tuesday that previous negotiations with US about Iran’s nuclear program were “an exception,” and called Iranian politicians and activists who have favored fresh talks with Trump “traitors and anti-revolutionaries”.
To his view talks would be against the values of the Islamic Republic and the Guard chief criticizes a recent open letter (by 100 so-called moderates) asking Iran’s leaders to take part in direct talks with Washington. “Possibly some of them were assigned” to sign the letter, he suggests.
AP has wired from Iranian media that the signatories are mostly foreign-based and want “direct and unconditional talks” with Trump to solve current differences, what is considered by Iran as siding with the enemy.


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