Iran’s Water Protest In Southern Province

Iran's Water Protest

Iran’s water protest in southern province is reshaping. Villagers in Borazjan were out on the streets closing the main city bypass.

The water protest took to Darab County in the Fars Province too. Borazjan had earlier protests this month. The people who send the footages say they don’t have a drop of water for ten days. In the town of Kachalabad people closed down the bridge by firing up car tires. The police are everywhere but no sign of progress to deliver drinking water.

Iran’s water protest today, also led to Borazjan city entrance getting blocked. The women were widely present in the protest. Other neighbouring cities in Bushehr Province, like Vahdatyeh, had staged similar protests.

Retired Academics Protest in Tehran

Following a prior notice on social media, the Tehran academics went on protest today. There were a collection of present and former school teachers. Retired education staff and pensioners agreed to stand their protest outside of Majlis.

They believe protesting here will target top officials who are responsible for forgetting their pension rights. There were all sorts of messages written on the protesters’ placards wanting change.

We will continue protesting as long we are living in poverty – End the presence of security forces in educational centers – We have a right to state our demands.

Assistant teachers also joined in today’s protest outside the regime’s parliament, demanding better employment conditions. Some protesters called for the freedom of teachers who remain locked up. Mohammad Habibi, a Tehran teacher, and a prominent associate member was reported tortured in May protests.

There is a familiar systematic clearance of teachers against the current government and certain individuals in favour of the state get most jobs.


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