Iran’s Truckers Strike Set Off Again

Iran's Truckers Strike

Iran’s truckers strike sett off again today. It stretches from the north, in Tabriz, till down south in Bandar Abbas. Most loading centers were unattended with no driver to do the transport.

Iran’s truckers had announced their new strike going to take place on July 23 since last month. They explained that due to the hot weather it was impossible to gather. The truckers’ strike took everyone by surprise, lasting up to two weeks. That was in May and drivers from all 31 provinces in the country had participated.

Iran’s truckers strike was so huge that ITF and TEAMSTERS pleasantly supported it. There was a great remark by both the Union presidents. They separately wrote for Hassan Rouhani to listen to the drivers’ demand.

The strike today was held in numerous parts of the country including major cities. Drivers refusing to load cargo at their terminals all stopped work. Many videos were sent on Telegram from Tabriz, Shiraz, Hamadan and Bandar Abbas. Some of these cities have also held protests for water and electricity shortages to be fixed.

The drivers, once again, demand higher wages and lower transport expenses. They are also seeking their forgotten workers’ rights and road safety.

Ali Rabiei, Labour and Social Welfare Minister, has said the Mojahedin (MEK) target the social sectors.

It was clear the truckers strike that formed in the shortest time, was set up by Mujahidin’s networks.


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