Iran’s Truckers Strike On

Iran's Truckers Strike

Iran’s truckers strike on from Friday still demanding their rights. The drivers refused to deliver their load to Iraqi drivers in Mehran. The report came from locals in Ilam Province stating how the government wants to curb their strike. Iran’s truckers created barricades and laid down in front of the vehicles to stop the Iranian regime breaking their strike.

This week’s been tough on Iran as protests continue hard. Sanctions will hit a major high in coming weeks. Steelworkers and sugar cane factory workers had the industrial cities in Khuzestan occupied. The Iranian people no longer rely on Rouhani to save their jobs or make them a decent profit. Meat prices and even bread or eggs keep going up let alone skyrocketing car prices. The collapsing economy is effecting major sectors of society including the airlines and bazaar.

This video has been taken by a trucker on strike in Tehran. He says all the drivers at the Nasim terminal have refused to load until fares go up. Iran’s truck drivers from Ishafan have also called for a strike. The truckers union is quick to join and made a two-week lasting strike spreading to all provinces. These truckers have announced their strike will hold on till the end of this month.


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