Iran’s truckers’ strike on 18th day despite death threats

On the 18th day of Iran’s truckers’ strike, truck drivers in Isfahan gathered outside the Governorate’s Office. They were carrying large signs that read, “we want lower tire and spare parts prices”.

Striking truckers protest outside Isfahan Governorate’s Office holding sign that says spare parts are too expensive.

A video from Fars Province shows that factories are forced to load their goods into pickup trucks as a result of the ongoing strike.

Truckers and tanker drivers in Doroud, a city in Lorestan Province in western Iran are on strike and videos show parked trucks in loading terminals.

Truck drivers are protesting hard working conditions, the high price of tires and spare parts, and low paychecks among other things.

These demands have still not been met despite this being the third time that truckers have gone on strike. The first strike was in May.

The Judiciary has detained more than 200 truckers during the last round of strikes and has threatened them to death calling those who “disrupt” road regulations, “bandits”, which can carry the death sentence in Iran.

Also in a new development, a court in Qazvin requested the death sentence for 17 detained truck drivers in the province.

Iranian truckers, who live under the line of poverty, struggle to feed their families as the strike has taken away the little income they had. But despite the pressure, they see the strike as the only way to protest low and unpaid wages and the high cost of parts including tires.


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