Iran’s treacherous contracts with China to fish wipe Persian Gulf

Iran has made a contract with China giving them access to fishing in the Persian Sea. The Gulf Sea contract was sold to them earlier this year. Word of such a contract got out after numerous cases of foreign fishermen and Trawl ships in Khuzistan waters made a controversial issue among locals.
First Iran claimed the ships belong to them and that they had fishing warrants granted by the Iranian Fisheries Organization but not long after it became obvious it was China hunting and wiping away anything they manage to find under the sea.
In earlier months state news agency ILNA quoted Gholamreza Dehghani, Director of the Khuzestan Fishing Union saying their region has 5,000 floats and with the aquifer stocks declining in the province, the income of indigenous fishermen has decreased considerably going down to an average of monthly 400,000 Tomans.
Others consider the illegal fishermen to be Chinese and Indian that are trolling Iran’s water. Abbas Kathir, Manager at the Bandar Charkh told local media Hormoz that Indian fishermen had entered the Gulf waters with the permission of Iranian authorities, which has heavily influenced the life of the local fishermen in the area including Bushehr that holds one of the main ports in south Iran.


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