Iran’s repressive forces torture protesters

Iran's repressive forces torture protesters

Iran’s repressive forces torture protesters after arresting them. The tortures are carried out during the time of arrest to break down those protesting. Just last month more than 1000 protesters were arrested. A totally new wave of protests triggered in December 2017. These protests are unprecedented in Iran since 2009 and have come to fruition.

Though the Iranian regime’s repressive forces systematically torture protesters, the street demonstrations in January quickly reached more than 140 cities. This figure continues to grow each month until today.

Iran’s currency is falling sharply and has taken a 30% plunge in value. After the U.S. announced in May that it will withdraw from the nuclear deal, the value of Iran’s rial decreased by 140 per-cent.

President Rouhani’s government has repeatedly tried to control the market by introducing new foreign exchange policies in recent months. But the bankruptcy and economy collapse dispersed in Iran doesn’t allow the clerical government to implement its plans. The pervasive corruption is in all of the offices and business centers that are controlled by leading officials.

U.S. President Trump told Bloomberg during an interview on 31 August “When I came into here, it was a question of when would they take over the Middle East.” He continued that “Now it’s a question of will they survive. It’s a big difference in 1 1/2 years.”

It’s been proven over the years that the Iranian regime survives only through repression. The fact that a thousand protesters were arrested during August is released by the National Council of Resistance of Iran. Even though some of the protesters had been released on bail, they were again taken in. They receive long years behind bars and among them are supporters of the leading Iranian opposition. They are called the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI). These young protesters have been arrested and taken away by plainclothes agents during scenes of unrest. The kind was seen in recent city demonstrations in Karaj.

Rape and Torture used on Protesters

According to reports sent to Iran News Wire, many youths are arrested for hanging advertisements or writing slogans against the current regime. 
They are first transferred to safe houses and subjected to most severe torture. This happens during interrogation and in many cases, they get raped.

A detainee who spoke with anonymity was arrested in August only for putting up a placard against the Iranian regime. He was severely tortured by batons and asked to reveal the names of the people who had collaborated with him. Agents from the Ministry of Intelligence are present in all interrogations. Their job is to identify and arrest protestors, which they are highly relied on for.

The crackdown of protesters inside the country and exporting terrorism to the Middle East is within the nature of this regime. In case of abandoning one of these two, the Iranian regime will collapse in the shortest time.

Control has slipped out of Iran’s hands and it is basically unable to decide on fixing it. It has actually come to a standstill and this has bad impacts. Its catastrophic situation worsens by the day, which brings it closer to its final destination. This regime is heading for its overthrow and is choking on smoke. Therefore it has speeded up its killing machine thru its repression forces. At a time like this, the best targets are the Iranian protesters. Many believe this situation is similar to the last days for Shah in Iran, in 1978 before it fell.


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