Iran’s Protest Worries Rouhani After Sanctions

Iran's Protest Worries Rouhani After Sanctions

Iran’s protest worries Rouhani after sanctions were implemented yesterday. On Monday Iran’s president called sanction a ‘psychological warfare.’ He also commented on recent protests as being ‘external excitement and attempts to change the system.’ Rouhani told IRIB state television the people are free to have demands but cannot address foreign groups.

Rouhani talked about Article 59 of Iran’s Constitution and that abiding by it can save the government. He described it more as keeping to law and fighting against corruption. This could even mean giving democracy and people’s need.

The president continued to say his thoughts on foreign policy have not changed. This was more set for those in power who mistrust him. He also wants strong ties with the world and blames the US for changing bond with Iran. “Iran’s tune is not the same today as it was the US in previous years.”

You cannot expect to talk to a person after you stab him and leave the knife in his body.

The way Iran is handling social and labor protests remain a concern to US officials. Sanctions aim to modify Iran’s behavior and not “regime change,” says one official on Monday.

Sanctions taking effect in Iran

Tasnim state-run daily reported today that iron expenses have gone up 60%. This means house prices will rise too and real estates will be losing customers. Abdolnasser Hemmati said, “We are facing an economic war and the US is trying to increase sanctions.” He is Iran’s new governor of the Central Bank speaking to Associated Press on Sunday. “But our government is powerful and is capable of opening up the foreign currency market.”

Another figure came alive too and put his bet on the table for saving Iran. Mohammad Khatami the former president in Iran is suggesting 15 ways. So it’s not only Rouhani who is worried about the Islamic rule and seeking harbor. Fundamental freedoms are now a possible solution as Khatami is even thinking of releasing all political prisoners. He calls for the establishment of a free atmosphere to hold political activities.


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