Iran’s Most Recent Protests In Cities Today

Iran's Most Recent Protests

Iran’s most recent protests are shared on telegram today. Views show parading municipal workers all in yellow uniforms shouting against parliament.

The workers sent their video from Fasa, in the central Fars Province and chanted “Parliament is incompetent” and “They feed us lies”.

This was all while Trump told Fox News today that he is behind them a hundred percent.

If you look at what’s happening, Iran is falling apart. They have riots in all their cities… we would let the people know that we are behind them 100%. But they’re having big protests all over the country, probably as big as they’ve ever had before. And that all happened since I terminated that deal.

More protests in Iran includes the medical worker rally against the Ministry of Health. They say Tehran’s Ministry of Health is stealing their money from the Social Security Organization. A man held a banner reading, Official ought to know we will not give up 50 years of savings!

The story of financial institutions looting clients just doesn’t stop. Another protest was held in Tehran against the Alborz Development Bank. Most of the protesters who have lost fortunes are telling the government to give back their assets.

Today’s Workers Rallies

In Kurdistan Province expelled teachers protested their teaching dismissal and want an explanation.

Mineworkers in Yazd Province were also on strike today as officials have not met their payment promises. The Chadormulo mining workers are hired at some of the key iron ore mines in Iran.

Other recent protests are the staff workers at the Civil Organization, belonging to Isfahan Municipality. They have not received their wages for six months and it is delayed every time.

The railway workers in Tabriz were also protesting for not receiving their salaries.

The Dilman Cement Factory workers closed the road leading to Nawrooz District in protest to air pollution and truckers traffic causing it.


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