Iran’s Failing Economy Has Itself To Blame


Iran’s failing economy has itself to blame. In the wake of the bazaar protests, Hassan Rouhani, the Iranian regime’s president, was quick to lay the blame on the U.S.

On Tuesday, in a meeting with judges, which included the head of the regime’s judiciary and parliament, Rouhani said, “We are fighting against the United States, it wants to make an economic war. The U.S. cannot defeat our nation; our enemies are not able to force us to their knees.”

@amir_bas has written on Washington Examiner, for the people of Iran, who have been living under the tyranny of the mullahs for four decades, there’s no question as to who is the real enemy. “Our enemy is right here, they falsely claim that it’s America,” the protesters chanted in Tehran, a slogan that has become popular among protesters in recent months, a sharp response to the regime’s attempts to direct the people’s ire toward foreign states.

Some analysts have tried to frame the protests as an attempt by the so-called hardline faction of the ruling regime to undermine the power of Rouhani. The protesters debunked that claim too. “Reformists, principalists, the game is over,” the protesters chanted, rejecting both rivaling factions within the regime’s echelons of power. Other slogans directly targeted regime officials, including Rouhani and Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

At the root of Iran’s economic problems is the regime itself, which has squandered the country’s wealth on anything but improving the livelihoods of its people…

The rulers of Iran have looted the assets of the Iranian people and have wasted them on domestic repression, nuclear projects, export of terrorism and fundamentalism and warfare in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon, and other countries, Rajavi said. According to some reports, the Iranian regime has spent billions of dollars in Syria, even while it was under the heaviest international sanctions, and while its economy faltered, it continued to develop and test missiles.

Disdain for the regime’s foreign expenditures was evident in the demonstrations that erupted on Monday. The protesters chanted, “Leave Syria, think about us,” and “Not Gaza, not Lebanon, my life for Iran,” challenging the regime’s violent and costly intervention in the countries of the region.

Rajavi will be speaking at the annual convention of the Iranian opposition scheduled for June 30, where thousands of Iranians, as well as politicians from different countries, are expected to gather to support the nationwide protests and the cause for regime change in Iran. Already, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, and Frances Townsend, a former homeland security adviser to President George W. Bush, have confirmed that they will be speaking at the event in support of Iranian protesters and their aspirations for freedom and democracy…

As the world unites to support Iranian protesters and their rightful demands, the regime of Iran is finding it harder and harder to escape the consequences of its 40-year-long rule of violence and tyranny.


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