Iran’s Dollar Crash With More Protests

Iran's Dollar Crash

Iran’s dollar crash with more protests on the way is predicted certain. Today people who deal directly with the markets have warned.

Those in the markets call it a dollar crash because they’re trading at 108,000 – 110,000 rials. This is only a week before US sanctions go down to zero.

This comes as a shock to merchants as less than a year ago the dollar was 38,000 rials. The 62,000 rials rise will be hitting back by prolonging protests. We watched in June how the Tehran Bazaar fell apart in only minutes. A protest against Iran’s dollar crash turned into conflict with security forces and police.

While echoing the news out from Iran since morning about the dollar crash. Merchants also commented about the “Imami” gold coins. They say it selling at 44.1 million rials. Merchants, who weave Iran’s economy were arrested last time or forced to say they were involved in the protest. Some were taken away by secret gangs, as videos show.

Mazyar Gilaninajd who is with the Workers Union explains how frustrating it is to work. “In recent months, many hard-working employers have been put aside. Last year we were paid 930,000 tomans ($245) but it is 1,130 million tomans now. While one dollar is now 8000 tomans this means we’ve lost $140 income.”

There is a great mix up in earning and spending, caused by the government. The main complaint is why they are paid in Toman but have to spend in Dollars.

As it was reported from the start of the week, security forces are on alert. They are prepared to deal with any kind of protest. Today as Iran turns into a currency free-fall, the Taxi drivers are protesting too. The Samaneh Taxi Company in Tehran has got crowded.


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