Iranian Youths Challenge Oppressive Forces

Iranian Youths Challenge

The protests that began on Tuesday 31 July, first in Isfahan spread into Tehran, Karaj, Rasht, Mashhad, Arak and Shiraz, the impoverished country – with the participation of shopkeepers, market vendors, farmers and truck drivers taking to the streets in protest about worsening conditions.

Dozens of store owners in the area have closed their shops and are on strike after the rial’s value dropped by 120 percent in the last six months alone.

Although now numbering only in the thousands, the protests are growing, away from the control of the hard-line Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and its henchmen.

The suppressive forces, riot guards, IRGC, and criminal plainclothes mercenaries were spread to prevent the massive rally protests of the fed-up people.

News says some protesters were arrested in Karaj.

During a discussion with Iran News Wire, Navid Barani from Karaj says, “The Iranian people want to change the regime and they know that the sanctions will put the pressure in the right direction. For 40 years the regime has spent Iran’s wealth to establish and carry out suppressive measures and to export extremism throughout the middle east. Making wars in Yemen, Syria, and Iraq. We don’t agree with this aggressive behavior. We want peace and stability in the world. The Iranian people want peace, not war.”

This young man who participated in the protest on Wednesday continued to explain why the people chant; the enemy is right here, they lie about it being America.

“The regime is our enemy. This regime doesn’t care about us, the people of Iran. All they care about is their money and power. Where are my people’s fundamental rights? we have oil and so many other natural resources. why have my people become poorer each year that’s passed by?”

“Why are we facing so many issues? Are we their slaves?”

“What is the regime’s reaction towards our protests? They want to shut our mouth and make us silent. So if they are not our enemy then who is?”

He pointed out that the most important demand is regime change. “They’ve had 40 years to prove themselves and now we’ve reached a point where we’ll no longer tolerate the status quo. It’s over for them.”

Navid expresses the reason for people’s anger and hatred of the regime.

“This is obvious. they’ve had their chance for 40 years and what’s been the result of them ruling the country? We have  no water, no economy, and no good relationship with other countries. They have literally destroyed everything.”


Click here to listen to  the voice of  a young Iranian man from Karaj


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