Iranian Rial Makes Super Free Fall

Iranian Rial Makes Super Free Fall

Iranian Rial makes super freefall five days away from US sanctions. Iran grasps its security hard to avoid any public protest.

The value of the Iranian currency suddenly dropped to 11,500 Tomans. This means Iran’s economy collapsed since yesterday. The government can not keep the Iran Rial stable. Evidence suggests that this figure will continue to rise.

Since morning following the currency rise, marketers in various cities began a strike. The strikes are held in Tehran, Rasht, Qeshm, Karaj, Rey and some other cities.

The marketers called for a strike last night. People have also welcomed this call on social media. They emphasized that this situation is no longer tolerable to them. The Soltani and Zand Markets have closed today. The gold and jewelry sellers have shut down in Tehran too. 

Yesterday afternoon merchants and shopkeepers gathered in Sabz-e Maidan Square in Tehran. An Iranian Opposition Organization states youths were among the protesters. The State Security Forces were ready to tackle with them. The currency crisis has made an economic freeze in the Capital till here.

A complete strike takes place at the Aghari Market in Tabriz after the Rial made free fall. Its the same in Bandar Abbas markets and Isfahan Bazaar.

The Iranian Rial fall against the Dollar has forced Rouhani to make cabinet changes. One of them is the Central Bank chief who is being criticized. Before leaving though he did make a ridiculous statement.

The recent changes in the currency and gold market is the result of the enemy’s conspiracies. It is aimed at causing anxiety in the economy and undermining calm.



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