Iranian regime uses charity funds to buy support abroad while Iranians find food in dumps

Iranian regime charity funds named Imam_Khomeini_Foundation donated 270 billion Tomans to Syria, Palestine, and Lebanon, while 40% of Iranian people are living under the line of poverty.
Iran is being devoured by the twin monsters of poverty and starvation, the reality of the depth of the economic crisis that has afflicted the majority of the Iranian population.
Based on the regime’s economists, officials and media statistical data, the extent and depth of the poverty, unemployment, the gap between the rich and poor and its resulting social ills such as slum dwelling, homelessness, the selling of babies and body organs, prostitution, starvation etc. are really shocking and frightful.
A campaign has begun in the social media that people show their extreme hate of this charity by destroying the charity boxes around the cities.
[wpvideo 2Hi5WbSD]


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