Iranian pensioners income sunken

Iranian pensioners income

Iranian pensioners income sunken steeply after years of service. But today they are out before the Planning and Budget Organization building in Tehran to say No more. The pensioners from other Iranian cities held similar protests for low income. 
Another protest rally by national retirees was formed in Yazd by the nurses. The Iranian pensioners stated their deteriorating living conditions upon a corrupt economy that has left them unsupported.

The poverty line is 5 million, Our salary is 2 million

We are paid in Rial, Costs are in dollars

Retired Teachers Outside Tehran’s Planning & Budget Organization

In May while Tehran’s teachers held a protest Mohammad Habibi was arrested and taken to Great Tehran Penitentiary. His wife, Khadijeh Pakzamir had witnessed him with torn up clothes and beer feet. He had been beaten and his present conditions are unknown. A score of teachers remains in prison for taking part in prison. Iran reveals no clear information on the reason for their arrest or any charges made against them.

Further pictures from pensioners’ strike today images protesting women taking lead. The Iranian society has demonstrated an end to a 40-year rule by the clerics. Life pressures are resulting in everyday needs not only because of economic failure but a corrupt leadership.


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