Iranian Border Cities Swarmed By Iraqis

Iranian Border Cities

Iranian border cities swarmed by Iraqis is dangering Iranians’ lives. The
Iranian national currency takes a sharp fall against the dollar. It reached 15,000 Tomans in the past four months, causing severe inflation and a tsunami of poverty in Iran.

One recent crisis reported by Iranian media is about looting basic goods. This is happening in the border towns of Iran, which has led to commodity shortages in these provinces.

On Tuesday, the Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA) published about passengers entering Iran’s borders to buy off cheap items. The supposedly, tourists come thru mostly the western borders. Their wide attempts have created a new challenge for local Iranians. These foreigners buy commonly required items and food from public stores. Due to the Rial crash costs become very low for them. Problem is, the stores are left out of supplies for the city settlers.

Again reported by ISNA was a quote by the Governor of Marivan “1100 people arrive in Marivan on a daily basis to provide large amounts of basic goods for themselves. In the past few weeks, 2300 people have arrived daily from Iraq to Marivan.” 
Mohammad Shafiyee, the Governor had spoken out about the conditions on Monday.

 “With the high daily purchases of these passengers and them returning to Iraq, all essential commodities are scarce in Marivan and a serious crisis is underway.”

According to a food industry activist in Iran this problem has been caused since the national currency devaluated against the Iraqi dinar. “The Iraqis enter Iran from Piranshahr, Sardasht, Ilam, and Kermanshah.” The Iraqi travelers’ entrance is increasing but they are not tourists because they enter border towns in the morning and leave in less than a few hours. They buy meat, chicken, rice, oil and various kinds of raw materials and leave the border.


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