Iran Truck Drivers Day 18 Strike

Iran Truck Drivers

Iran truck drivers day 18 strike tells the government there’s no stopping them. They managed to keep their strong strike going in May. This time they’re holding on till they have a total change. These drivers just like the brave protesters are up in different cities. Today on day 18 truck drivers from Kermanshah and Hamadan sent their video. There are mass waiting lines of cars outside the petrol stations.

The second round of the truckers strikes began July 23. This was the start of the hottest Persian month but nevertheless, it happened.

A message left on Telegram said the drivers can wash this regime away if they stand unite. Our strike is going to increase pressure on the system.

Videos of day 13 and 17 fill the Persian Telegram channels. These are the main and major provinces that strike. Drivers know they are much more worth to the country than officials count on them now. The nationwide strike in Iran will continue till the people reach freedom. They believe the crippled regime from economic sanctions stands no chance. Drivers in Paveh County in Kermanshah seemed to be leading today. The drivers in Nahavand, Hamadan were very active yesterday. All the loading terminals have stopped working in these cities. Protesting drivers make films of empty highways that used to have trucks running on them. One other spot matching the description is Mobarakeh County in Isfahan.

Though the government is not mentioning anything a French Truck Union sent their support. They said we stand with the protesting Iranian truck drivers for their rights and freedom.


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