Iran Tells India Oil Exports Should Continue

Iran Tells India Oil Exports

Iran tells India oil exports should continue amid US sanctions. A top Iranian diplomat tells India it will miss out on special privileges.

India is not happy about its relation with Iran and has commented about the wrong tone of diplomacy. You will find Indian press writing that they will do whatever’s required for their national benefit. It was a few days ago when the big Indian refiners walked away from the Chabahar invests.

India has rightfully shown cutting down on Iran’s crude and oil due to sanctions is the certain plan. Iran’s fast reaction towards their regional neighbor raised some eyebrows from Indian experts and politicians.

The United States continues to work hard to bring on more effective economic sanctions as the nuclear deal is in shreds. Iran is telling their Chabahar oil ally to remain in contracts with them. The Iranian side at an event in New Delhi led by Massoud Rezvanian Rahaghi told India to not lose out on special privileges. Iran is no backing off from its harsh tone from two days ago and feels a certain pressure.

For Iran losing a top oil client after China is not going to be easy. Oil deals for Iran will get harder as a determination to drive imports to zero is active. The first part of US sanctions is to take on in early August, with the rest coming accordingly in November.

Oil companies use the Chabahar Port to export their goods. Chabahar is a seaport located in southeastern Iran on the Gulf of Oman. The port has two separate divisions named after the Islamic Revolutionary key persons such as Shahid Kalantari and Shahid Beheshti. The India and Iran deal to develop Shahid Beheshti port were first agreed to in 2003.


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