Iran Suppresses People On Streets

Iran Suppresses People

Iran suppresses people on the streets and the videos are shared on social media. Living in the suburbs is not like the western world.

One very recent video is of a toddler in Bojnord, North Khorasan province. He loses his eyesight because his family cannot afford a $2 eye drop. Suppression in Iran is not related to a certain class or province. It is spread all over the country. It is a result of the misled financial body that has demolished young generations.

In Gohardasht, a neighborhood in Alborz Province on young schoolgirl is on the street. She is selling common items to help her family. Many families going below the poverty line have moved to the suburbs. Though these areas have turned into slums for at least 19 million. Compared to Western countries, Iran’s suburbs are for the poor. His family says he had special education skills.

Two Boys Killed Themselves

Moving down to Abadan, where a 12-year-old boy committed suicide. His mother came home on Friday because and she couldn’t open the door. After they managed to open it they found the hanged body. This family is very poor and lives in ruins. The video showed the mother speaking and showing the spot. Obviously, she is not the only mother to lose a son due to poverty. This is yet another kind of suppression carried out by Iran.

The day after that, a 17-year-old Ahwazi boy set himself ablaze. He had witnessed his mother beaten by suppressive forces. His mother was selling on the streets to pay the house rent. Apparently, she was selling the boy’s mobile phone.

Another scene of suppression happened on Thursday by police. Road police spray pepper gas in the driver’s eye for complaining. He was shocked at being fined double for parking out of perimeters.

Governing by law has given place to suppression in Iran and the only victim are the people. That is what Pompeo pointed out in his speech at the Reagan Library.

Forty years of ordinary Iranians thrown in jail for peaceful expression of their rights. Why has the regime conducted itself in such an abhorrent way over the past 40 years and subjected its people to these conditions? It’s an important question.



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