Iran Security Forces Desert Largely

Iran Security Forces

Iran security forces desertion along with widespread protests is noticeable. Many soldiers wire their uniforms wrapped up with a label saying we’re with you.

The separating force members mean they side with the protesting people. The protesters have been on the streets of Tehran, Karaj, Isfahan, Shiraz, and Mashhad. It’s almost a week and the heats going up as the rial goes down. The supreme leader, Ali Khamenei has been the main target of most protests.

Army and security forces are deserting and detaching in growing numbers. They make up the governing body that looks to be weakening. According to reports, one army personnel from Maragheh Garrison says they’ve locked up all the armory. They fear a coup against the army and the corps and want to disarm the personnel. Back in 1978 army members would give people weapons and ammunition from their garrison.

The Army Information & Operation Command has sent out a letter to its units asking them to join riot forces. Nobody is willing to open fire on the people or hurt them. Some of them wait to side with the people against the government.

Another unhappy member says we are patriots and allegiance with fellow Iranians. The government  is a disgrace and we join you in uniform.

Deserting personnel can weaken systematic suppression

Their uniforms are of different colors or patterns. One written message reads, please don’t count us in with NAJA. They are responsible for their own actions and we are with you. Come prepared to the protests, carry something with you. The security forces are more frightened than you could imagine. All you have to do is stand firm and they’ll back off.

According to Wikipedia, NAJA is the abbreviation for ‘Disciplinary Force’ in Persian. Either known as The Law Enforcement Force of the Islamic Republic of Iran. It’s spread between locals and most Iranians that people join NAJA to get money. They more or less have better-living conditions this way and get somewhat social support.

Iranians in search of freedom favor zero deals

The first reaction to any protest or gathering is thru the security forces. They carry a baton and crack down on youth or make arrests. These past nights in Shiraz, Isfahan, and Tehran they came ready to confront protesters at certain points. They know where demonstrators will gather and have agents watching over the crowd. One aim is to arrest those taking film of the scenes with their mobile camera. Other protesters explain they wait to see who gives out the first slogan and comes for them.

Iran Security Forces

Tehran protesters at Daneshjoo Park on 3 August experienced the exact condition. Apart from slowing down or disconnecting the internet like in Karaj. Iran’s security forces go hyper on those using their mobiles. This is why there is little to see what happened at College Bridge in Tehran. Many students and young boys and girls have been taken away.

The messages sent out by security personnel and the classic army is the same. They want to stand with their own people and will not suppress them. They too have had enough of tyranny and dishonesty and say we’re not paid a lot either!

These forces first began building up in Iran since 1991 and have about 60,000 on board. They include women Basij that formed in 2003. These forces are controlled by the Ministry of Interior.


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