Iran rial plunges as US sanctions loom

Iran rial plunges

The Iranian society and economy were in shock when new reports indicated the US dollar selling at 11,000 rials and even surpassing the 111,000 rial mark.

What can the Iranian regime do to solve this crisis?

In an unprecedented and ridiculous reaction,  Mohsen Rezaee the secretary of the expediency discernment Council, suggests that Iran should enter a war against the United State,  capture American soldiers then asking for the ransom to solve the financial crisis in Iran.

Over the last 48 hours, Iran’s currency has lost 14% of its value against the US dollar and there is a sign that the collapse situation will improve.

Iran’s economy is expected to slide further after the US imposes sanctions on the country in the next two weeks.

The list of sanctions against Iran will be:

▪The purchase and sale of bills or dollar-denominated documents by the Iranian government
▪ Buy and sell of gold and other precious metals, purchase, supply or transfer of metals such as graphite
▪The crude or semi-finished raw materials such as aluminum and iron, coal and software used by the Iranian industry
▪ A release of rial account outside the Iranian borders and exchange of rials with significant currency
▪Empicommerce of Iran
▪ Buy, sell and supply aircraft parts
▪ Activities of Iran Harbor, Shipping and Shipbuilding industries, including shipping lines of the Islamic Republic of Iran and shipping companies of the South and related companies
▪ Oil issues and any purchase of petrochemicals from Iran, National Oil Company, Iran National Tanker Company
▪ Any exchange of financial information between international financial institutions with the Central Bank of Iran or Iranian financial institutions
▪ The Energy Sector

For certain, this is the reality that the Iranian regimes’ economy is crumbling. This phenomenon has the potential of paving the path for huge protests and uprisings across Iran’s cities.


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