Karaj protests catch fuel

Karaj protests catch fuel

Karaj protests catch fuel following other Iran protests that have turned the country into a hot ball. Angry people, especially the youth in Karaj changed the city atmosphere. Their town, northwest of Tehran is a massive demonstration field. The growing crowd is against the systematic corruption, absolute poverty, and high prices.

Footages show youth setting repressive forces’ car on fire and chanting ‘death to the dictator.’ Another famous phrase they use is ‘Guns Tanks, Fireworks, the mullahs must get lost.’

The police repressive forces, riot guards, revolutionary guards, and plainclothes murderers tried to disperse the people by attacking them and firing tear gas into the crowd.

Social media videos show the protesters also chanting “Proud Iranian give your support; The uprising continues so long as the dictator is in power; Even if Basij pour from the sky, the uprising continues”.

The protests continue to fuel well in thru night and eyewitnesses says this demonstration will spread to other cities in coming days.


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