Multiple Iranian Protests Over Economic Wreck

Multiple Iranian Protests

Multiple Iranian protests thru major cities all courageously turning streets to battlefields. The crowd contains youth and families saying death to expenses.

Shots have been fired by plain-clothes agents in Shiraz and Isfahan. Young protesters fight back and say at least we have our fists. These mullahs have to go, this is one certain cry by eveybody today.

The people’s force looks very strong and stable. By watching videos of the past three days word like smoke and stone remain on your mind. The protesters are out numbered and chant together, we will get our Iran back! They’re restless and arrange to meet up again at late hours on social media.

Different warnign messages come across on social media. Such as, if you spot any plain-clothes agent wanting to arrest you start screaming. Start calling them ‘Disloyal’ and they will fear you.

One video showed an anti-riot vehicle splashing hot water on people in Isfahan. Women are brave and confront security agents telling them we’ve had enough.

Young street fighters in Karaj set a police motorbike on fire that tried to hurt protesters. Some mainstream media describe cities of Iran as war zones. The AP titled its article as, Multiple protests in Iran over currency drop, economic woes.

The city of Shapour Jadid still stands on the third day of public strikes. Motorbike riders parade the wide streets as if they are protecting protesters. Cars pull up to join the roars of the unbreaking people. Forces in black protected uniform in tight formation shoot paintballs at protesters in Shiraz.

Latest news of the multiplying protests come from Gilan Province near the Caspian Sea. The protesters in Ahwaz say America isn’t our enemy.


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