Iran possible to have whitewashed mass grave spot in Rasht

تخریب-گور-جمعی-قربانیان-کشتار-۶۷-در-رشت.pngNew graves have reportedly been placed in Tazeh Abad Cemetery in Rasht, where a mass grave once used to be. Officials of the Islamic Republic have not mentioned anything to the owners. This report was made by Amnesty International on May 27.
The 1988 executions of Iranian political prisoners was a state-sponsored program put to act across all of Iran. It began on 19 July 1988 and lasted for approximately five months.
The killings have been described as a political purge without precedent in modern Iranian history, both in terms of scope and coverup. However, the exact number of prisoners executed remains a point of contention. Amnesty International recorded the names of over 4,482 disappeared prisoners during this time, and then-Supreme Leader Ruhollah Khomeini’s deputy, Hussein-Ali Montazeri put the number between 2,800 and 3,800 in his memoirs, but an alternative estimation suggests that the number exceeded 30,000.
Great care was taken to keep the killings undercover, and the government of Iran currently denies their having taken place.


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