Iran Patrols Attack Peddlers On Streets

Iran Patrols Attack Peddlers

Iran patrols attack peddlers on streets and this is becoming a violent routine. Young men and even elderly women are beaten.

It appears the reason Iran’s street patrollers are violently beating on peddlers is to take local markets into their own hands. As the economic knot pulls harder much of the population is wiped off the profiting board. Street vendors are growing in numbers and it doesn’t matter who they are.

There are a handful of attacks on the streets daily. It happens in many cities of Iran and street patrollers seem to enjoy it. The peddlers cause no harm and just try to sell a few boxes of fruit or vegetables.

Iran’s city patrol has attacked elderly peddlers too, one lady started to bleed from the head. The attackers or municipal agents, as locals call them, come in gangs. Individuals tend to be large in size and act like bullies. Their aim is to cause fear so the peddlers don’t return. They don’t only operate in Tehran but in Kermanshah and Rasht, just to name.

They have no shame to hit women in front of the public or smash up cars. They appear to be given orders to drive over their products. Even scenes of arrest and putting handcuffs on sellers have been taken.

The vendors do try and resist but they are often defenseless. In many cases, brave surrounders come to help and fight the patrollers away. These patrol gangs don’t dress in uniforms and camouflage in ordinary plane clothes.

Back in 2014, The Guardian wrote – Many of the city’s poorest residents are setting up informal businesses to stay afloat. With little security, they face constant battle to adapt to changing laws and protect themselves from extortion. The article introduces a 55-year-old man who sells balloons.


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