Iran Ordered Yemeni Attack On Saudi Oil Ship

Iran Ordered Yemeni

Iran ordered Yemeni attack on Saudi oil ship in June. The retired General Nasser Shabani told Fars state-run news agency. Fars removed the statement on Tuesday. It said the brigadier had been misquoted. Fars writes for the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps IRGC which is Iran’s security backbone.

Brigadier General Nasser Shabani has served the IRGC more than 37 years. He has led Urals Corps and regional troops. Shabani’s even been responsible for highest security in the capital Tehran thru Sarallah Garrison.

If Iran can’t export oil no other country should

The IRGC Commander was very happy about Yemen’s Houthis tacking Iran’s order. Khamenei and Rouhani had warned of attacks on Saudi oil as sanctions became crippling.

Shabani commanded the Amol army in Mazandaran during 1981. He was appointed as Army Corp commander called Be’sat. This was a reward for his role in Iran-Iraq war. This meant he controlled IRGC units in western Iran and the provinces of Kermanshah and Ilam.

In 1988 as Mujahedin-e Khalq (PMOI) came for Tehran he got to work. His units on Iran-Iran border in Islamabad, Kermanshah attacked. He was placed as head of arms forces in Iran for killing Mujahedin.


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