Iran on FATF list makes trendy talks by officials in Majlis

Financial-Action-Task-Force-FATFInside the Iranian parliament, talks on trend include The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) to keep Tehran on the blacklist.
Disputes have taken up in Majlis between members since May and neither president Hassan Rouhani or parliamentary speaker Ali Larijani seem to have found an exit.

One member of the house, Mojtaba Zolnour reminded Rouhani how supreme leader Ali Khamenei has always been very concerned over talks. He actually told the president that he has wasted the opportunity Iran had in the region. Zolnour apparently expected everything to be resolved after Trump pulled out of the nuclear deal.

Another hardliner stated that the Islamic revolution is facing a historical development and is on the verge of being tested to the utmost extent.

Founded in 1989, FATF is an international government organization aiming to combat money laundering, especially by rogue states. Iran has been included on the FATF’s blacklist since 2008 and remains to be as the organization finds Iran not sufficient to merit a change in its status.


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