Iran Khodro cargo troubled by 12-day strike of truckers

twelvth_day_of_truck_drivers_on_strike_in_iran.jpgIran Khodro, branded as IKCO, is an Iranian multinational automaker headquartered in Tehran. A video report showed how this company is now using Nissan vehicles instead of trucks to transport its goods as strikes held by drivers hits day 12.
Continuous strikes have been reported by drivers at cargo ports in Bokan and Piranshahr as well as Shush. They did not accept to start loading even with 20% rise in their fees.
The UPVC Center in Mashhad that operates the door & window manufactory has also released a support statement.
Yesterday in Isfahan, drivers of tinplate tankers took off work and joined the strike.
Reports of an aggresive throwback by authorities:
In the city of Dorud, western Iran, authorities arrested numerous drivers unwilling to have their vehicles loaded with goods.
In Amir Abad, northern Iran, repressive forces arrested several drivers after attacking their protest rally site.


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