Hunger Strike Inside Ahvaz Prison

Hunger Strike Inside Ahvaz Prison

Hunger strike inside Ahvaz Prison by political prisoner Gholam Hossein Kalbi. It appears he went on strike for 20 days after he got no reply to his request to be transferred. He had asked to be taken to either Tehran or Adel-Abad Prison in Shiraz. Kalbi went on hunger strike last month while held at Ahvaz Sheyban Prison. His situation was never broadcasted by any media.

This courageous prisoner has been inside the prison for 18 years. He was first arrested in January 2001 in the city of Dezful, Khuzestan Province. Later in 2003 Kalbi was sentenced to death for supposedly ‘wage of war on god.’ The unlawful court in Tehran then reduced his sentence from death to life imprisonment.

Iran does not recognize any rights of a political prisoner and Kalbi didn’t have the least in the past 18 years. He was not even allowed to leave and see his family after losing someone very close to him.

It’s worth noticing that Kalbi was taken to Evin Prison, Ward 209 after being sentenced. He was later transferred to Ward 350 and then to Mahshahr Prison in Khuzestan. After that Gholam Hossein was again taken to Karoon Prison in Ahwaz. All this happened before prison authorities put him in Sheyban Prison. Sheyban is described to be a torture center where many protesters were taken to since January’s uprising.

Iran’s repressive forces torture protesters


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