Heavy riot machinery used in Kazerun

water_blasters_kazerun.jpgProtests in Kazerun remain standing and yesterday state agents, especially the intelligence agents, were deceptively trying to end it. The main demand of the people is for the bodies of the martyrs to be delivered. One is a young man, Omid Yusefian, who was shot on Wednesday by the Revolutionary Guards. He died on Saturday due to the severity of the injuries sustained.
The previous day, Revolutionary Guards, Basijis, plainclothes and anti-riot guards, who were sent from other cities to Kazerun, were deployed in the city’s central locations and closed streets leading to Friday’s prayer show. Nevertheless, the risen people broke up the hypocritical Friday prayer’s show by chanting slogans. The gathering in the Al-Nabi mosque, where the governor was supposed to speak, was disrupted too.
At night forces use special riot vehicles, which projects intense light at a range of 150 meters that also causes temporary blindness. Demonstrators have also sent images of water machines being stationed at the main city center.


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