Handfuls of protest in Iran since June, reason to officials inaction

Just four days into the start of another month, protests are taking place everywhere in Iran wrapping up different threads of society.  The question is why can’t Tehran take any action. Fixing the economic disaster would appear to be a priority for a government that faces daily challenges, even strikes lasting more than two weeks in the case of truck drivers from 31 provinces. This goes to show there is a deeper cut that requires vast surgery like a rotten egg that is no longer eatable. People are sending the message that the time has come for complete regime change.
In Ahvaz, 500 National Steel Group employees, as well as workers belonging to the National Drilling Company rallied outside the governor’s office four long days. They marched to the city square and are demanding their forgotten wages.
Farm workers who work at the Varena Milk Factory in Varamin, southeast of Tehran, are shocked by the way officials have kept them hanging without their wages for four months. Their rally took place on Sunday outside the Governor’s office.
Employees of the Bandar Abbas Shipping Yard went on strike for not receiving their paychecks for the past few months.
In Isfahan, locals are expressing deep concerns as rationing the water constantly cuts-off portions of areas. Yet authorities are literally ignoring condition in this regard.
Groups of medical exam students in Tehran, Rasht, Mashhad, Shiraz, and Isfahan have been rallying two days at the Medical Sciences Department protesting lack of management by authority. They say we are getting crushed for the systematic rationing.


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